Gathering information

The origin of ARTEDER. Basque Art Database can be found in the extensively documented information on Basque art collected from its creation by the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum Library. Together with essays, exhibition catalogues and journals, the Library looks at a whole range of material that is usually considered too short or too ephemeral to appear in bibliographical registers, things like brochures, triptychs, diptychs, exhibition presentation cards and invites and press releases. The line of research established for the project also involves contacting other external centres and sources of information to ensure that nothing falls through the net and the study is as exhaustive as possible.

The idea is to create a digital library on Basque art, the first phase of which concentrates on the presentation of the artist database. This will later be supplemented with research into institutions, galleries, professionals, prizes and competitions to give a genuinely encyclopaedic profile of the arts in the region.